Gain the skills you need to become a world class chef with our professional Chef diploma

Cooking Classes

Professional and Extensive cooking courses in London, Manchester & Birmingham

Experience an intensive cooking experience with top leading cooking institute to learn about the culinary industry through our food safety courses and professional cooking courses.

Professional Chef’s Diploma

Want to change your love for food into a career? Enrol in our professional chef’s diploma to learn the secrets of cooking for masses in a commercial kitchen under a lot of pressure with expert skills.

Food Safety Courses

Not only do we focus on teaching you the techniques to cook food but also to keep it safe and hygienic.
Gain the knowledge of food safety and cleanliness in our comprehensive food safety courses.

Cooking Courses

Your interest is what matters to us.
We provide our students top notch professional cooking classes where they can learn about cooking, presenting and preserving food through various old and new methods.

Highest Quality Cookery Classes

We always value your comfort and goals and that is exactly why we have designed cooking courses that can generate a great amount of knowledge and leave you with the expertise that is in demand right now. We encourage you to come on board and experience truly exceptional cooking classes.


Food Presentation

Cooking the food is one thing but then beautifying it is a whole new skill. Learn and practice food presentation with our experienced crew.

Cook on Board

We offer our students an advanced ship’s cook certificate where they can polish their cooking skills to elevate to a higher chef level.

Cutting & Cooking Styles

With us you will learn various cooking styles used all across the world to utilize your skills globally. With various cutting techniques you can increase your worth as a professional chef.

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Healthier eating is the best kind of eating

Whether it’s about cooking sea food, red meat, vegetables or gluten free food, we are well equipped to present you with the best available tricks according to the modern times.

Job Opportunities in Cooking Profession

Chef Jobs in London

First we give you the skills and then we hook you up with the best possible and rewarding chef jobs in London and all across the country.

Funding Options

We Fund you

All you need is the will to enrol and we take care of the rest. With our train now and pay later policy you will be able to learn without worrying.

Fitness Trainer Courses

Fitness and Food

Along with our cooking classes you can also opt for our fitness trainer courses as both of the skills go well hand in hand.