This 16-cent breakfast will fill you up


If you like oatmeal, you’re going to love this: You can eat breakfast for less than 16 cents every day. Yes, 16 cents. So, if you re stopping for oatmeal at, say, McDonald s a few times a week and paying $1.99 a pop (nationwide average) or at Starbucks, where you re shelling out $3.45 for your oats (suggested retail price, and you understand you’re also buying coffee) that s an annual cost savings of somewhere between $285.48 and $513.24 on oatmeal alone.

EU finance services chief states Britain faces barriers if stops EU


Britain would deal with trade obstacles if it left the European Union and its single market, the EU's financial services commissioner Jonathan Hill said on Monday.Hill, a Briton appointed to the European Commission by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, stepped up warnings on high risk credit card processor the repercussions for the City of London monetary district if Britain votes to leave the 28-country bloc in a June 23 referendum.

Cent rises $1.2 M in seed funding for its personal finance bot


Cent, a personal finance bot we evaluated last fall, has raised $1.2 million in seed financing from Social Capital.As a refresher, the app offers a chat-based interface that provides suggestions tailored to your personal finances. This guidance includes things like just how much you spend on food each week, how this month s spending compares with last month s as well as earnings graphs.